Sunday, 29 April 2012


Ode to Barry

Barry is our neighbor,
Seventy something,
Stunning voice Sunday night backyard and a beer,
Belts out Elvis,
We love hearing him sing.
Barry is a gardener,
Shares his vegies,
Pumpkin on the doorstop Sunday morning,
Barry mows the elderly neighbor's grass,
He brings their bins in,
His garden is awash with shining baubles- Xmas,
Barry one of the kindess human beings I've met.
One night Barry was bashed in his front porch by a "supposed" friend.
I took him down the station to sort it out,
Society can be cruel.
Barry is an animal lover - feeds the magpies and the strays,
He's a beautiful cook and an artist,
Barry's shifting house,
When he told me my heart secretly broke,
Will miss him like you wont believe,
Barry's a story- teller,
A gem in our industrial suburb,
A connector a communicator a carer,
No digital space in Barry's world,
Just an oasis of kindness for others,
And a beautiful singing voice we will miss forever.

Do you know your neighbors well ? We have some treasures- characters and real caring people- Sometimes in this busy world we forget to check in on our neighbors- maybe the isloated new mums, or families living far away from home or our elderly friends. Just dropping in for a cuppa like the "old" days - makes a world of difference to their day.


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