Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bougainvillea Dreaming

Bougainvillea Dreaming

Canopy of purple petals cascade down my hair,

Toss my hair and bougainvillea confetti,

Scatters to grass beneath me,

I lie alone on a bed of soft purple,

Look up at the blue sky,

Through a mass of purple vines,

I am in a dream far away from reality,

Floating on purple clouds of sunshine,

What is my truth ?

My truth is oneness,

Aloneness but completeness,

My truth is simple,

Self acceptance,

Abundance of love to give and more,

Intangible dreams of purple milkshakes with purple syrup, purple ice-cream and purple cheesecake,

My Bougainvillea dreams.


Robyn 2011

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