Friday, 25 April 2014

On top of Possum Cave

On top of Possum Cave

Sound of mop squeezing

Swishing across linoleum floor

Fast legs escape outside into summer

Peppered by nasturtiums


Basking in morning sun on

Rough cement whilst

Peering into a dark space

Waiting for blue tongued lizard to emerge-

Learning patience and stillness


I leap to swing on the hills hoist

Looking skyward at dizzy clouds

Drop with a thud to roll

On summer buffalo to gaze at slow motion clouds

Through mosaicked sky of eucalypt


I traverse my worn track

Across the yellowed back paddock

Down the sprawling aniseed and box thorn

River valley to Possum Cave

Clustered granitic boulders

My dreaming rock ledge of escape

Soaring skyward

With the pair of white kites

And the skeletons of dead trees

Interlocking and twisting upwards.


In company of the Great Egret

I slow my thoughts

And breathe easy- far away

From the smell of polished

Linoleum and order


My small shadow is adult on the rock face

Tiny tanned arms wrapped  around my knees

I slowly unfurl

To sprawl across the rock

Lizard child-

Tightness is released

As I breathe in the sky.


This place is where

I come to ask all the questions

Of the sky, river, trees and birds

For they have always known the answers

To the hard questions

The answers drift up the Valley

In the seeds from golden grasses-

I am home

Rob 2014



  1. This is wonderful, Robbie. There are so many beautiful lines ... what a glorious place for a child, or an adult, to spend quiet time ... listening ...