Sunday, 4 August 2013

For Andrea

In memory of my dear Cousin Andrea

I remember –

Childhood parties at your place,

Your mum’s lemon filled fairy cakes,

Swishing our patterned skirts to Dancing Queen,

Nana’s glamorous dress ups from her ornate glory box- full of fun,

Fox fur hiding in the darkness of Nana’s cupboard- red beady eyes peering out at us.

Hopscotch, barbie dolls and elastics in the street- skipping ropes and hoola hoops.

Your smile was the sun-

Now it swirls in the Winter winds- melting morning frost-

Thawing hearts of city stone statues-

Your smile tells huddled birds-

Stories of laughter and song in your heart-

Childhood dreams-

Adult aspirations-

Your smile left this Earth too early,

But makes Winter snowdrops sing-

You see you were just too smart for this world,

Clever and funny and beautiful,

Ocean eyes- contagious laugh,

Quirky and most of all brave.

Fighting a courageous battle in a world you didn’t want to leave.


My Dad – your Mum- brother and sister-

Shared history, blood,

Lives entwined- childhood dreaming,

Your smile- it fills bare Winter trees with hope of new buds in Spring,

Your smile- spirals and lifts towards the sun-

Illuminates the stars-

I always thought you shined-

Glitter in your veins


Goodbye Andrea


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