Sunday, 30 December 2012

Goodbye 2012

Goodbye 2012

Jacaranda flowered for the first time,

Wrens came back for a while,

Magpies packed up and left.

Honeyeaters moved in.

Yellow faced black cockatoos flew over West Footscray.

Marbled geckos patterned our red brick driveway,

Possums invaded.


Sunsets were viewed all over Victoria,

Moon and Stars watched from the fly wire windows of our campervan,

Industrial sunsets were watched every night on West Footscray walks.


Rode over many hills from Lilydale to Warburton,

For many kms on wondrous adventure with son.

Formed a close bond and shared the love of a new dog in my life.

Doubted myself and my talents and learnt not to do this anymore.


Observed spiders spin webs,

Ladybirds explore marigolds,

Dragonflies glisten and hover above water,

Reeds dance in the wind.


Shared sense of wonder of nature with children.

Swam in the ocean alone,

Went fishing with a friend,

Walked for MS,

Rode for Smith Family,

Over Westgate bridge twice.

Watched the moon,

The moon watched me.


Experienced sadness,

Shared sadness and hard times with friends

Felt fear which froze me,

Said goodbye to my job at the Royal Botanic Gardens and cried a river of tears.

Farewelled friends,

Made new friends,

Cared for Quolls,

Watched sunset on top of boulders at Mt Rothwell,

Observed deep space,

Fell in love with Pleiades all over again.


Taught teenagers for the first time,

They taught me.

As a team helped the planet,

Shared the wonders of the world,


Shared love and support of loved ones,

Took up challenges,

Shared my writing on social media,

Let my heart ache,

Experienced disappointment,

Watched my family grow and love life,

Laying on the grass at Warburton watching the moon and stars with my 8 year old son,

Knowing that moment was one of the best in 2012.

At the end of our cycling journey – just us- watching the universe- in shared wonder.


Goodbye 2012

Robbie 2012





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  1. Thanks for directing me to your end of year thoughts. All the best for 2013.