Saturday, 29 December 2012

West Footscray Wool Stores

West Footscray Wool Stores

West Footscray- Watson’s Wool store,
Sunshine Rd,
Goldsborough, Mort and Co LTD neighbours.
Drawn to these haunting, vast buildings on my West Footscray walks.
Coral’s dad worked at Watson’s in the 60s-
As a child she loved the fish pond out front –koi swimming under date palms-
The Xmas family picnics-
One year Coral wore her tartan skirt and powder blue cashmere cardigan – which was torn climbing fences- hence was a memorable Xmas picnic.
Walking past the wool store I watch pigeons roosting up high on the stained rooves,
I wonder of their views over the West Footscray “Hansen for Houses” 40s estate.
Who is intriguing them today?

Randomly broken window panes of the wool stores are openings for my curiosity,
Child inside me yearns to climb through and explore these vast buildings,
For clues of the times Coral’s dad worked there.
Like the stencilled signs on the brick walls out front,
Faded but still there-
Tattoos of time.

Imagine the gardens restored to their original state,
I see my reflection in the garden pond,
Up the path and knocking on the bulging burgundy doors,
A VIP visitor from one of Hansen’s houses,
Tea and scones with the manager and a complimentary bale of wool.

Some buildings still used to store wool- love the bales lined up outside,
The smell of wool wafting through broken panes,
Intriguing architecture,
In an exquisite Industrial Landscape.

Rob 2012





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