Saturday, 15 December 2012

West Footscray Moon

My West Footscray moon gazes down at me,
Through mazes of wires and lights of Tottenham railyards.
It sees through my walking heart,
Soft ,melted, exposed,
But wrapt in strong corrugation -protected.
Only the moon sees the wild beating,
A heart which yearns,
A yearning -walking heart in West Footscray.
Pounding past the barbed wire fences,
Adorned with Angels made from white torn plastic,
Dancing freely- though trapped.
The moon follows the path of my heart.
My heart it yearns for the wilderness,
Beyond the railway yards-
Of adventures in lands only the moon has seen.
To other galaxies and nebulas-
I wait for my sliver winged horse to take me.....
My West Footscray heart yearns,
While the moon shares my dreams.

Rob 2012

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