Monday, 24 December 2012


Ted's Stocking

Ted is eight year's old- the same as you,
This year he has a sequinned, spangled stocking,
Hanging from the knob of the white chest of drawers that were my Nan's,
Hanging parallel to your silky red stocking- Ted is as excited as you-it's Christmas Eve.

I am perplexed- what will Ted receive from Santa?
Maybe a new ribbon like the one he wore to hospital to first meet you ?
In Aunty Karen's outstretched arms-
It was love at first sight-
Ted's glistening eyes filled with love when he saw you,
Curled in a squished ball of soft blankets - he dreamed of the day you would hug him gently and share dreams.

I know -maybe some honey - Ted's favourite food in a  silver thimble to drink,
Or a  badge of bravery-
For Ted has shared many more first times than us.
He's shared your surgery just last week,
Snuggled you tight as you drifted into slumber.
He whispered stories of shared adventures to soothe your fear away.
Ted's travelled to Ballarat on your first scout camp,
He calmed you to sleep  and blocked his ears in a room of noisy boys.
Ted's climbed trees and sped down pulley systems,
He's been on bike rides in pannier bags,
Head poking out to watch the views of rolling hills and vineyards to Warburton.

Ted's gone missing many times,
Discovered in the depths of couch cushions,
Under the bed,
Alone and frightened - brave Ted,
Been stitched unevenly and operated on-
Re- stuffed unrecognisably,
And lovingly squashed back to Ted with your familiar cuddles.

Ted's shared your sadness and happiness,
His fur soaked with your tears,
Even pegged on the line by his ears.

Ted's proud of your new cub badges for bike riding and first aide,
I know now what Ted will get in his stocking!!!!
A badge of your love - a fabric love heart- of silver and sequins,
The always unconditonal love of the life's journey of a Teddy Bear !!!!
Ted .

Robbie  Dec 24th 2012

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